Paytm Mall Good or Bad? Read story of User Review

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Paytm Mall Good or Bad? Read story of Paytm User – Good & Bad Story

Paytm Mall Good or Bad

Bad Story of Paytm Mall User – Disadvantages

No, paytm shopping center is most exceedingly awful internet shopping application I have gone over. I had bought a Mac macbook ace PC from paytmall and even following 15 days it was not transported. Indeed, even subsequent to attempting on different occasions with their client care no reaction was gotten aside from standard answer ” We have featured the issue with significant group”.

After that I sent my protestation to their administration head and complaint officer. Be that as it may, without much of any result.

After some time I got an email that my item has been dispatched however shockingly following 8 minutes I got an another email that my item has been conveyed. How on earth they have conveyed an item from haryana to mumbai.

At that point I began checking on the web and found this is their standard propensity and numerous individuals and whining of same.

It appears their usual methodology is take cash, don’t convey the item, after some time client will release it or in the event that he is after them commandingly, restore his cash. Regardless you can procure cash either by keeping it or by method for premium earned.

Nevertheless, I think they are the most useless because:

  1. Customer care is never recheable
  2. Only company that can show product delivered when it is still not being shipped also.

Good Story of Paytm Mall User – Advantages

Paytm Mall

Well I recently bought JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speakers from Paytm Mall and I am a satisfied customer.

The deal was very lucarative:

  • This bluetooth speaker retails for Rs. 10,000/-
  • The sale price from Paytm mall was Rs. 8,600/-

and there was an ongoing offer (which is almost perennial), due to which the effective price was Rs. 6,900/- it is almost comparable to the price in US Black Friday sales and quite a steal deal, in nit ?

Overall, Paytm Mall is a good platform to shop with lot of lucrative offers as it is getting huge investments from big guns among the investors and thus it is stepping up its game in this e-commerce domain and is booming day by day.

I also compared Audio Technical headphones recently and it is way cheaper on Paytm mall (around 800 after considering cashback) as compared to Amazon.

So in a nutshell if you are looking for bang for the buck with great value offers Paytm is surely good bet for you, but always compare from other e-commerce sites and also check the seller credibility.

Hope I answered your question. Cheers.

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